How to ‘save draft’ on Instagram


On the heels of our article about Instagram marketing for realtors, we received news yesterday from Mashable that Instagram had rolled out its "save draft" features to everyone. What is this feature and what does it mean for realtors?

What is the 'save draft' feature?

It's pretty simple, actually. When you work on a photograph to edit it on Instagram, you might want to spend some time perfecting it. It is, after all, a feature-rich editor with some excellent presets that can make images pop if correctly used.

But sometimes, it isn't possible to finish working on an image. If you close the application, you lose your work. But with the save draft feature, you can save your edits and come back to finish it at a later time.

Why this feature is useful

The 'save draft' feature is excellent utility, mostly because of the way mobile has changed the way we do business. We don't give much thought to the fact that our cellphones are digital swiss knives - making phone calls is only one feature.

You might want to use another app, make a phone call, run into a meeting, or you might even be at the last few percentage points on your battery power. If you know you can't finish editing your photos in time to post on Instagram, this feature is for you. 

The drawback

The only drawback with this feature is that it doesn't automatically save your work every few seconds unlike Google Docs. So, if your cellphone battery dies or your phone pulls a fast one on you before you save the draft, your work will be gone. 

How to use the 'save draft' feature

Once you select a photograph and click next to go on to edit it, you can activate the feature by pressing the back button on the top left corner. This triggers a pop-up that asks you whether or not you would like to save the feature as a draft or discard your work.


If you've ever run short on time or battery power while in the middle of some work, you know how annoying it can be to lose all your work. Now, if you're posting to Instagram - and as a realtor, you should be - then this feature is a must-have. If you haven't started using Instagram yet or want to know how to be more productive with it as a realtor, take a look at our post on Instagram Marketing for realtors.

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